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If you are looking for neuroscience-related lesson plans, or are simply interested in the sort of content we cover at our events, look no further! 


  • Brain Caps

    • Create colorful paper hats that look like brains! (Rec. ages 2-8)​

    • Lesson Plan

  • Brain Injury and Safety

    • ​Use play-doh to simulate brain injury and make helmets to keep your play-doh brain safe. (Rec. ages: 3-12)

    • Lesson Plan

  • EMG Lego Mindstorms

    • ​Explore the electric nature of muscle s and control robotic cars by flexing your arm. (Rec. Ages: >8)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Fat Brain

    • ​Discover the biological composition of the brain using enzymes and a blender (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Histology

    • ​View real brain tissue in microscope slides (Rec. Ages: >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Inversion Goggles​

    • The world is a strange place when your vision is turned upside down. Figure out how the brain adapts to a sudden shift in visual perception. (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Learning and Memory

    • How does the brain gather and store information over different periods of time? Explore different types of memory with tests that probe the brain's ability to remember. (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Mirror Drawing

    • ​Experience implicit learning by altering visual feedback to a simple drawing task. (Rec. Ages: >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Neuroanatomy

    • ​Hold actual brains and compare the anatomy across different animal species. (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Neuron Staining

    • ​Decorate the difefferent parts of the neuron with your favorite art supplies. (Rec. Ages 2-7)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Neuropsychology

    • ​Perform neuropsychology tasks to understand memory and attention

    • Lesson Plan

  • Olfactory

    • ​Smell odd scents and discover how the brain combines smells in the world

    • Lesson Plan

  • Prism Goggles

    • ​Experience cerebellar learning while wearing special goggles that shift your vision. (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Sensorimotor System

    • ​Hear and see the electrical nature of neural signals by recording and stimulating a cockroach leg. (Rec. Ages >5)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Tricky Brains

    • ​Play a variety of mental puzzles which give clues to how the brain solves problems. (Rec. Ages >7)

    • Lesson Plan

  • Vestibular System

    • ​Feel your balance shift as electrical signals tell your brain you are falling. (Adults only)

    • Lesson Plan

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